Dear Old Boy

We are very sad to announce that Ted Jones, father, grandfather, teacher, musician and garden enthusiast, passed away peacefully in his sleep this morning just before 7am. He has had a difficult few months and his condition deteriorated quickly over the past few days. His 97 year old body could just not carry him any further.

Commemoration or memorial arrangements will be announced later. 

We are very grateful to the staff of Jacaranda Haven (now Brooklyn Care) for their devoted support and compassion. 

Thank you to all those who have offered their condolences and support to the family.

Glyn, Mike and Lee
 (21 January 2019)

From The Pretorian 1982:

That Ted Jones ever became a teacher we have to thank an unknown Army Officer in World War II who gave a talk on the banks of the Suez Canal to a group of graduates in the Union Defence Force on the urgent need for teachers back home after the war.

A product of Pothefstroom Boys' High, he graduated from the University of Potchefstroom with a B.Sc in Mathematics and Physics in 1940. He then joined the South African Air Force and served as a Lieutenant until he was demobilised in 1945. He returned to Potchefstroom to take his teaching diploma (UED) at the University.

He started his teaching career at PBHS in 1947 and retires at the end of this year after 35 years of service, the last eight as Vice-Principal (Head of Department). That he was placed in Rissik House as an assistant housemaster to Mr Noel Pollock had very happy consequences for in December 1955 he married his mentor's daughter, Jenny. The reception took place in the delightful School House garden, Mr Pollock having become headmaster in 1950 and moved to the traditional residence.

Ted Jones

There was something symbolic in the reception, for Ted Jones has displayed a passion for gardening throughout his life. It was while he was housemaster at Solomon House from 1966 to 1975 that he developed the lovely lower garden across the road from the hostel.

Further he was the driving force behind the Aloe Garden that surrounds the Squash Courts. For many years he was in charge of the School grounds to which task he applied himself with his usual enthusiasm, thoroughness and knowledge.

Like all good schoolmasters he gave of his service willingly whenever help was needed, to Athletics, Rugby, Cricket and particularly to Chess. But it was to the realm of music that he directed his talents. Like gardening, music is a passion for Ted Jones and he was very active at various times with the school Military Band, and the Orchestra. For over 30 years he has been training the Choir which has enriched our Friday Assemblies, Valediction, and Remembrance Day Services.

Every Old Boy, of course, associates Ted Jones with the Opera, i.e. Gilbert and Sullivan. He can remember producing at least 13, - The Gondaliers, HM.S Penzance Iolanthe, Mikado, Pirates of Penjance and Ruddigore twice each and The Yeoman of the Guard once. His productions have always been fun for the players and a delight to the audiences. He has thereby enriched the lives of generations of schoolboys and of their parents. On each occasion he assembled and trained an orchestra comprising of friends of the school, parents, Old Boys, Staff and pupils and he has always been helped at the piano by his gracious wife, Jenny. When boys have forgotten all else they did at school they will recall with pride and pleasure that they took part in an opera.

It is an occupational hazard for teachers of long standing to become somewhat bored with their subject, and this is understandable. Not so Ted Jones. Ever excited and exciting, he presented his lessons with the gusto and enthusiasm of a novice. He started serious work in the first lesson of the year and invariably gave a test in the last. He thought and cared deeply about his subject and so his teaching was always innovative. His recent experiments in presenting the syllabus at what he calls a 'comfortable' (accelerated) pace to those who can cope has had very promising results at school and particularly university level. A true professional to his fingertips, he is a Mathematics teacher par excellence.

The foundation on which his every endeavour has been based is a practical Christian philosophy and an integrity that is frustratingly incorruptible.

Ted Jones doing ground work - a few years ago when the SRC decided on the laying of a cycle path as one of their projects.

Images & Text above: The Pretorian 1982

I am sure that there are many Old Boys who on looking back will remember the influence Mr Jones had on their lives. I think the words of Sheppard Fidler apply appropriately to Ted Jones:

"I do not seek to be
Remembered in stone
But if you think of me
Sometimes when I have gone
And in your heart lay by
A place where I may live
How shall I die?"

- Tony Wilkes
PBHSOB Association President



Old Boys are invited to the 3rd Annual Old Boys Chesa Nyama. Come enjoy braai meat, a drink and some good company in one of Pretoria's more popular establishments.

Date: Saturday 2 March 2019
Venue: Jackbudha, Mashabela Street, Mamelodi
Time: 12:00-17:00
RSVP: 22 February 2019
Address: Mr Tony Reeler - PBHS Headmaster

  • Complimentary welcome drinks
  • Cash bar available
  • Plates of braai meat will be sold
  • There will be two screens showing live sports on the day
  • Old Boy DJ's will be on the deck

Click here or here to make a booking for this event. For more information and event queries, please contact the convenor Rami Moatshe: ramimoatshe@yahoo.com

This event is only open to Old Boys of Pretoria Boys High School.


1. You're not allowed to play games.
2. You're not allowed to play games.
3. You're not allowed to play games.
4. You're not allowed to have fun.
5. You fail ALL your tests.
6. All of them.
7. Don't even start talking about exams.
8. You write spot tests.
9. Tons of homework.
10. More studying than biology.
11. Harder than science.
12. Not allowed to play games.
13. You don't learn anything cool.
14.1 Teachers aren't friendly (unless you do well).
14.2 Nobody does well.
15. Admin guy logs off your account when you write a test (all of the time)
16. Don't learn how to hack.
17. Teachers make binary jokes such as 101.
18. Homework gets marked and you lose out big time.

- Bertus van Heerden, Boys Highlights Number 13 - November 2009

*IT (Information Technology)


The Thunder Gun Lunch Club is a very informal group of Pretoria Boys High School Old Boys who gather to spend a few sociable hours with good company, fellowship, an excellent lunch - accompanied by a few items of refreshment - and a lot of reminiscing about life and our old schooldays. The current membership comprises of Old Boys from the leaving groups from 1945 to 1966.

Any Old Boys who may be in Johannesburg on the third Wednesday of any month will be more than welcome to attend.

The Club meets from 12h00 for pre-lunch drinks at the Thunder Gun Steak House in Beyers Naude Drive, Blackheath, Johannesburg.

The lunch dates for 2019 are as follows:

20 February
20 March
17 April
15 May
19 June (Ladies welcome)
17 July
21 August
18 September
16 October
20 November (Year end lunch with ladies)
18 December (Ladies welcome)

For more information please contact Derek Brown ddbrown@wol.co.za


Summer Sports Day was held on 12 January 2019 and we would like to thank all Old Boys who attended for their support. There was a wonderful turn-out of Old Boys and a very enjoyable day was had by all.

The results were as follows:

Old Boys 1st 150 all out (Grant Petzer 4/20 & Ethan Webb 3/57)
PBHS 1st 109 all out
PBHS lost by 41 runs

Old Boys 2nd 228 for 8 (Keanu Jardim 3/32)
PBHS 2nd 162 for 8
PBHS lost by 66 runs

PBHS 3rd 121 all out
Old Boys 3rd 122 for 8 (Regan Pruss 3/15)
PBHS lost by 2 wickets

Old Boys 4th 212 all out (Paul Adams 3/33 & John Strydom 3/43)
PBHS 4th 143 all out
PBHS lost by 69 runs

Old Boys 5th 176 all out (Regan Pruss 4/35)
PBHS 5th 177 for 5 (Hanu van der Merwe 86)
PBHS won by 5 wickets

Old Boys 6th 137 for 9 (Divan Dirkse van Schalkwyk 3/30)
PBHS U15A 138 for 5 (Joshua Rossouw 55)
PBHS won by 5 wickets

Old Boys 7th 213 all out
PBHS U15B 139 all out (Callum Stevens 60)
PBHS lost by 74 runs

Old Boys 8th 225
PBHS U15C 108 all out
PBHS lost by 117 runs

Old Boys 9th 313 all out (Yadav Singh 3/34)
PBHS U15D 223 all out (David Diemont 73 & Pieter Pretorius 69)
PBHS lost by 90 Runs

Old Boys 10th 230 for 9(Pieter Pretorius 6/43)
PBHS U14A 176 all out
PBHS lost by 54 runs

Old Boys 11th 200 all out
PBHS U15B 196 all out (Scott Allen 70 & Liam Elkington 63)
PBHS lost by 2 wickets

PBHS 1st lost to Old Boys 1st 12 - 8
PBHS 1st drew to Old Boys Brothers team 6 - 6
PBHS 2nd lost to Old Boys 2nd 10 - 2
PBHS 3rd lost to Old Boys 3rd 13 - 2
PBHS U16A lost to Old Boys 4th 9 - 3
PBHS U15A lost to Staff & Coaches 9 - 4

Summer Sports Day 2019

PBHS U16A beat Old Boys 3rd 38 - 19
PBHS 2nd lost to Old Boys 2nd 43 - 20
PBHS 1st lost to Old Boys 1st 83 - 39

PBHS 1st lost to the Old Boys 1st 7 games to 1

PBHS 1st lost to the Old Boys 1st 16 games to 4

The Tennis against the Old Boys was played on a doubles round robin basis. The School 1st team was knocked out in the Semi - finals and the final was between two Old Boys teams.

TENNIS IMAGE ABOVE: Back l-r Johan Nel, Marco Matteucci, Ryan Viljoen, Ryan Brookshaw, William Higgs, Greg Taylor, Khanya Ramokgopa, Marc Sauer. Front l-r Jarryd Sauer, Raul Stevens, Gerald Stoffberg, Wim le Roux, Saidi Moruane. Doubles tournament with schoolboys was won by Jarryd Sauer and Khanya Ramokgopa! Stevens and Ramokgopa are currently playing College tennis in the USA!

1st Matthew Forrester
2nd Old Boy
3rd Old Boy
4th Xaidon Witbooi
5th Ole Thabetha
6th Marcus Hugo
7th Old Boy
9th Old Boy

PBHS 1st team won 23 - 16 in points tally.

A total of 9 games were played. Old Boys won 6 games, and PBHS drew 1. Match points - 1: 0 with Old boys being the winners.

Dear Mr Jason Webber,

Having received the email edition of The PBHSOB Newsletter Issue 18 sent to me by a friend it made me realise that as an erstwhile Life Member of PBHSOB I used to receive copies of the printed Phobian Magazine on a regular basis but for many a year now nothing has come my way. May I compliment you on an excellent Newsletter and how fantastic it was to read of Boys High paying tribute and honouring Dr Pierre Edwards on his retirement after many years as a pupil, teacher, and selfless headmaster of Affies. This is so typical of the fantastic attitude we as pupils were shown and taught at Boys High. Not only were the rites of reading, "(w)riting" and "rithmatic" taught us but more importantly the lessons of exemplary life.

What most vividly comes to mind was that one morning as a horde of schoolboys arrived at school there was much excitement to be detected and consternation of note pervaded the front of the school. All attention was focused on the carved figure of Danny Swart, carved by the boys selected by our art master, Walter Battiss, carried out and produced on a koppie behind the school. This conspicuous figure perched atop the school cupola was dressed not only with a cadet cap but with a jockstrap!!! Huge admiration was expressed for the boarders who had managed this onerous task, needless to say the culprits were never exposed.

Another memory which comes to mind is that once while holidaying in Fish Hoek who would be coming towards me on his early walk along the beach but none other than Terry Collard, then retired and living in Fish Hoek. He the owner of the "Red Mamba" the bite of which many boys, myself included, had felt. He recognizing me and after a long talk on the beach he invited me round to tea with his wife Roschild, sadly both now dead as are most of those wonderful Masters who taught at Boys High at that time.

Bruce Argue comes to mind a great swimmer and immensely powerful as a prop in the front rank of the school's 1st rugby team. Now a respected and well known artist living in England. Mentioning art reminds me of Dr Trebot Barry although a year after me at school I recall his arranging of art exhibitions in what has now become the "Walter Battiss Room" close to the swimming pool.

Another event which epitomises the teaching of the laudable "Masters" male and female at the school was when my wife, Vicki (Karras) Davel as Head of Dance and Musical Theatre of the Arts Faculty at Tshwane University of Technology was invited as a guest speaker to talk to the boys about what other careers that could be followed, she was completely bowled over by the good manners displayed by the boys towards her. Rising to their feet when she entered a classroom, the quiet during the talk, the donning of their straw-bashers when being passed in the grounds of the school, the addressing her as Miss or Ma'am. What a fantastic tribute to their tutors.

May the traditions of life taught at Boys High live on. Now that I have discovered why I no longer receive the printed Phobian please be kind and good enough to add me to your email list, I do enjoy hearing about the events taking place at the school.

Best wishes for the coming Festive Season and a peaceful New Year.

Kind regards,

Hendrik Davel. Pupil at a most fantastic school from 1950 to matriculating in 1955 and now a Life Member of the Pretoria Boys High Old Boys Association.


Purchase regalia items via the Pretoria Boys High School Old Boys' Association online shop on the AlumNet portal or email info@pbhsob.com for more information. Regalia will be on sale at Summer Sports Day 2019. Card and cash facilities will be available.

Please note Regalia is only available to PBHSOB Association Life Members.

"Old Boyz" items are available to all Old Boys of Pretoria Boys High School. Life Members of the PBHSOB Association can purchase these items online. Old Boys must please email their queries to info@pbhsob.com


To the average Pretorian two words in the title bring visions of intense discomfort. The first is 'lesson', a time when the brain is put into neutral gear. The second is 'afternoon', when the brain is forcibly brought out of neutral gear.

The time when these two phenomena coincide is Thursday at one o'clock. The lesson takes place in Room 7 and involves Latin. Room 7 in Pretoria's mid-summer is a sauna-bath enthusiast's dream come true.

The first sight to greet the eye on entering is the word 'Hw' which stands for 'homework'. Homework in turn stands for 'hours behind a desk that afternoon and evening'.

In the classroom 17 students take their seats. Outside the classroom the vicious sun beats down on the red corrugated iron roof. Inside the classroom 17 students begin to feel uncomfortable. Outside the classroom the sun continues to beat down. Inside the classroom 17 students get more uncomfortable.

The lesson begins. The lesson continues. I begin. The necessary, but dull basics of Latin begin to take their toll. My mind enters neutral. The sun brings my mind out of neutral. Latin is forgotten as I realise my feet are suffocating. From my ankles up I am wet and uncomfortable but from my ankles down I am in hell. I try to ease the misery by undoing my laces. It is all in vain. The next step is to take off my shoes. Misery ends for me and begins for those around me.

Fifteen minutes are still left. My arm is sticking to the page, smudging lines and ink. No matter how hard I try, I can't make myself enter a comatose condition. My whole being is saturated with heat. All I know is that I am uncomfortable. To make matters worse I still have to continue with Latin.

The bell rings. Freedom - no more Latin; I can escape the heat. The corridor is much cooler. My feet are still uncomfortable but it's all over, and tomorrow is Friday. It's such a wonderful feeling that I forget that I'll go through this same misery in a week's time, less half an hour.

MJ Champan - Form V D, The Pretorian 1979


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