Dear Old Boy

I have been given the privilege of sharing, with the 9,600 or so members of the Old Boys' Association, the magic that wove its way through the 99th Annual Old Boys Dinner. What follows is a brief summary of each speaker's contribution, the most important of which is featured at the end of this report.

Mr Geoff Meyer convened a fantastic dinner: he declared an open bar and the icing medallion of the Association badge that anointed each dessert was another caring touch. He also identified in Mr James Orr, a very capable and articulate master of ceremonies. Though I was James's Form 1 tutor, I can take no credit for his irreverent sense of humour. That honour belongs to another English teacher and his immortal spoonerism.

Father Timothy Lowes remarked that we all needed some religion after that and opened the evening with Grace - and a forgiving twinkle in his eye.

Mr Eddie Penzhorn was asked to toast absent friends. In his toast he reminded us of the history of our tradition of remembering the living as well as those who have died: we remember the living lest we forget the dead. A thought was spared for the thirty-two Old Boys and members of the Association who have passed on since our last annual gathering.

Mr Karabo Matang was invited to toast South Africa. He said that Pretoria Boys High School epitomized the best of South Africa. He linked the beauty of the country to the beauty of the school; the two Nobel prize winners from Vilakazi Street to the two from the school; the diversity of the country to the diversity of the school. The school is certainly a microcosm of the society which South Africa aspires to be.

The school's head prefect, Kyle Brown, did the school proud. He spoke about the magic that oozed from the bricks in the school and assured us of the schoolboys' perspective that the water from the tap near Brooks has never tasted sweeter. At times one could hear a pin drop as magic spread from his very speech. He spoke with such authority and eloquence that he received a standing ovation.

Mr Jason Webber addressed us as the newly-appointed Chairman of the Old Boys Association. He spoke of his first six days in office: the unisex Old Boys' Association pin to recognize the teaching and auxiliary staff who qualify as honorary life members of the Association, the rezoning of Hofmeyr Park, the renewed energy of the directors and their primary objective to support the school.

Our guest speaker, Mr Patrick Conroy, spoke about the scourge of fake news and his experiences on Mount Everest. He spoke about the way Eddie Dorey shaped his life and his memorable quote: "Little things stop us doing big things." He autographed his book and kindly donated the proceeds of his book sales that evening to the School.

Finally, our headmaster, Mr Tony Reeler, shared his vision for the school. Having addressed the need for sound financial practice and cost-saving initiatives, he intends to focus on catering for the needs of the common man for whom the current school fees are becoming increasingly out of reach. He spoke about the need for inspiration and quoted Nelson Mandela's advice to Andre Agassi: "We must be careful in our decisions, careful in our words, and we must be careful in our relationships. Andre, we must live our life carefully." To this Mr Reeler added that as a school we need to heed that advice and be careful about what we say and do. He reminded Old Boys of the role they can continue to play in the noble and pure intentions of the school.

There was a gentility about the evening which left me inspired by the following thought: Since Pretoria Boys High School is the best school in the world, can it not also be the most important and the noblest?

- Lincoln Keeton (1996)

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Even after five years of being in his presence I still cannot get over Mr Dorey's sheer size. And his hands! They are so big and the calloused knuckles are so mean they should definitely be registered as weapons.

But what impresses me most about Mr Dorey is his character. He is considerate, kind, noble and above all understanding. His modesty is reflected in the off-hand way he refers to his karate prowess.

He has some unusual habits, the most evident being his tea-drinking from a thermos flask of tea liberally laced with honey. He seems to have an almost maniacal addiction to honey. I've seen him attack two five kilogram buckets of honey on his desk with a teaspoon.

I'm also amazed at his hearty way of greeting people: "Haai, Pete, my ou pÍl! Staan op vir Mnr Southey, kÍrels!"

Philosophising is one of Mr Dorey's favourite pastimes. In the five years I've been in his class I've learned more about life than about Afrikaans. His is not 'textbook philosophy' but philosophy gained from experience and delivered with great moral conviction and sincerity.

His style of teaching is unique, too: he relies on his personality to do the teaching so the work is never dull drudgery but has an element of excitement and challenge.

If there's any person I'll miss when I leave Boys High it will be Mr Dorey.

The Pretorian 1978 - L.F. Nel, Form 5C


The day I came in so strange and shy,
They told me the sky was the limit, but I didn't think I could fly.
Life in front of me and home behind,
I stood before the main school and felt like a waif before the wind.
But oh, how wrong was I,
As little did I known that this feeling would pass in the blink of an eye.

All so new, all so old and all so strange
I had no idea that my whole life was about to change.
The Boys High Giants, 1500 of them all wore the same colours
And there I stood as one of them, suddenly I was a giant in my over-sized summers.

Yet the time may come as the years go by
And I start to envision the last good-bye.
This great place has given me many things
But like Red Bull it has given me wings
To fly higher than I've ever been
Wherever I go, I'll carry my wings of red, white and green.

Five years later and I'm part of a family.
What was once a dream is now a reality.
Yet my eyes already fill at the thought of this hill,
As I know the time to leave will come against my will
But throughout all my years here in this gemstone that I now call home
I have never, not even once, walked alone.

- Boys Highlights Issue 28, 2018


Pretoria Boys High School Headmaster, Mr Tony Reeler will be attending a conference in Australia during the June / July school holidays this year and the following Old Boy gatherings have been arranged during his visit:

30 June 2018 - Sydney

Old Boys living in Sydney are invited to attend an Old Boys' Dinner on Saturday 30 June 2018 at The Lord Dudley in Woollahra at 6pm.

For further information on the Sydney event and to RSVP, please contact Robin Freedman rimfreedman@gmail.com

4 July 2018 - Melbourne

Old Boys living in Melbourne are invited to attend an Old Boys' Dinner on Saturday 4th July 2018 in the Heritage Room at Yarra Bend Gold Club at 6 for 6:30.

For further information on the Melbourne event and to RSVP, please contact Rob Blackmore robert.blackmore4@gmail.com

11 July 2018 - Gold Coast / Brisbane

Old Boys living in Brisbane are invited to attend an Old Boys' Dinner on Wednesday 11th July 2018 in the Foxtrot Room, Ovolo Inchcolm Boutique Hotel - 73 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill, Brisbane, QLD 4000. There will be a 2 course dinner provided for $65 each. Start time will be 6.30 for a 7 o'clock start.

For further information on the Brisbane event and to RSVP, please contact keagen.georgiou@yahoo.com.au


Pretoria Boys High hosts National Highland gathering

The Pretoria Boys High School pipe band hosted its annual National Highland gathering on Saturday.


LEFT: Senior Boys win gold in the Jo'burg League Cross Country Final (left to right: Lorenzo Carvalheiro, Matthew Forrester, Nathan Jammine, Andre Le Roux, Justin Solomons, Brendon De Beer)

RIGHT: Junior Boys win bronze in the Jo'burg League Cross Country Final (left to right: Dion Du Plessis, Ole Thabetha, Nathi Kgarimetsa, Eric Booyens, Pharrell Swarts)

Images & Text: PBHS | Rekord East


This year sees the 25th year of one of the school's most active societies, the Aeronautical Society of Boys High. Many past members have gone on to make a career in aviation or retained an interest in flying beyond their school years.

To celebrate a quarter of a century of this activity at the school, a dinner is being planned for the 20th October 2018.

Further details will be provided in due course, but if you are interested in attending, please reserve the date and also let John Illsley know if you are likely to attend, using the e-mail address john@boyshigh.com

Send us your news, stories and letters: info@pbhsob.com


The Pretoria Boys High School Old Boys' Association is delighted to announce the following staff members of Pretoria Boys High School were recently awarded Honorary Life Membership of the Association having met the criteria set forth by the Association.

On behalf of the Association Directorate and all the Life Members of the Association we would like to thank you for your time, commitment and dedication to Pretoria Boys High School.

ALBERS Daniela, 28 years of service
BLEW Mark, 5 years of service
BOLDUC Alexandra, 7 years of service
BOPAPE Regina Brenda Maite, 23 years of service
BOTHA Karen, 5 years of service
CHRISTODOULOU Caterina, 11 years of service
CLOETE Debbie, 7 years of service
COETZEE Hedwig, 12 years of service
DE KOCK Andrew, 16 years of service
DE MEILLON Jeanne, 9 years of service
DOWRA Chandkoomar Sewpersadh (Chan), 10 years of service
DUMAS Jean-Pierre (JP), 5 years of service
EWART-PHIPPS Paul Harden, 25 years of service
FOURIE Robert Daniel, 6 years of service
FRANKEN Peter, 23 years of service
GEORGIADES Lamorna Elizabeth, 15 years of service
HOLLIDAY Joanna D, 20 years of service
HORNSVELD Mathilda, 23 years of service
ILLSLEY John William, 32 years of service
JIYANE Zakes, 6 years of service
JONES Joni, 6 years of service
JORDAAN Abri Petrus Johannes, 21 years of service
KEETON Lincoln John, 17 years of service
KELLY Jaydon, 11 years of service
LOOTS Philip, 6 years of service
MACDONALD Mandy L, 10 years of service
McBRIDE Craig Alan, 21 years of service
MOODLEY Dhavendran (Mervin), 11 years of service
M‹LLER Elaine, 23 years of service
NEL Bianca, 6 years of service
O' DONOGHUE Ryan, 9 years of service
PETROU Marina Katia, 9 years of service
PRINSEN Margaret Lillian (Margie), 15 years of service
REELER Antony, 8 years of service
REYBURN Yvonne, 20 years of service
RONGA Taryn Michelle, 16 years of service
ROODE Denise Lorraine, 9 years of service
RUST Hendrik Jacobus (Erlo), 8 years of service
RUST Melissa, 8 years of service
SINGH Sujata (Su), 14 years of service
SMIT Cornelius, 9 years of service
SMUTS Michael Johannes, 13 years of service
THOMPSON Tarryn, 6 years of service
TUCKER Jocelyn Eloff, 12 years of service
VAN DER WATT Gerhardus Daniel (Niel), 33 years of service
VAN STRATEN Johanna (Anli), 22 years of service
VAN SUILICHEM Dave, 6 years of service
VAN WYK Andries, 22 years of service
VAN WYK Sheridan Maree (Sheri), 16 years of service
VLAG Penelope Anne (Penny), 16 years of service
WRIGHT Dion Matthew, 13 years of service
WROTH Gillian (Gill), 28 years of service

BIYELA Jomba Bhekizitha, 10 years of service
KANYANE Isaac, 22 years of service
KANYANE Nnoi Rose, 15 years of service
LANGA Dumisani Patrick, 11 years of service
MABUNDA Mvumese Peter, 28 years of service
MADISHA Modimanyana Alfred, 22 years of service
MAFAFO Malesela Eliphus, 22 years of service
MAHLANGU Piet Mbulawu, 28 years of service
MAHLANGU John, 11 years of service
MAHLANGU Isaac Sphiwe, 11 years of service
MAKHUDU Pauline Mokgadi, 15 years of service
MAKITLA Mmantjie Alinah, 15 years of service
MAMETJA William Mogaramedi, 20 years of service
MANDLATI Lesibana Jan, 13 years of service
MASIPA Mabitsala Wilson, 12 years of service
MODIBA Elias, 29 years of service
MODIBA Andries, 21 years of service
MOIMA Michael Frans, 34 years of service
MOKOATEDI Noko, 11 years of service
MOTHWA April H, 38 years of service
MOTSEPA Mogauwana Levy, 11 years of service
MPEDI Johannes Malesela, 25 years of service
MUNYAI Azwindini Mavis, 11 years of service
NAPO Peter S, 19 years of service
NKADIMENG Peys Sethokgwa, 17 years of service
RAMALEBA Thomas, 21 years of service
RAMPHISA Abram Kweipi, 10 years of service
SITHOLE Elphas, 22 years of service

ARMSTRONG Malcolm Robert, 12 years of service
HOUSDON Michael Charles, 15 years of service
MASHIFANE Ntsere Solomon (Solly), 22 years of service
MATHEBELA Ben Morare, 16 years of service
MOEKETSANE Maureen, 12 years of service
SEWELANA (Chokoe) Agnes, 19 years of service
SHORT Jeannine Olivia, 10 years of service
SITHOLE Ben Tsetselane, 23 years of service
STOFFBERG Gerald Wayne, 20 years of service
VAN ZYL Amanda Marguerite, 15 years of service
VERMEULEN Patrick Nurden, 27 years of service


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South African short films leave New Yorkers speechless

... Director Jarryd Coetsee (2000) is the first to adapt Themba's story into a film. The story is set against the backdrop of Sophiatown in the 1950s shortly before the apartheid regime started its forced removals...


SA horror film makes it to international stage

.. The film is directed by Jerome Pikwane, who co-wrote it with South African novelist Richard Kunzmann (1994)...


Dialogue on LGBTIQ+ rights in the legal profession reveals slow progress

... On the panel were prominent activists for LGBTIQ+ rights, Justice Edwin Cameron (1970), Judge of the Constitutional Court of South Africa; Maralize Conradie, UFS lecturer in Mercantile Law; and Sivuyile Mphatheni, a Law student and member of the Black Lawyers Association..



...Rookie contracts have been awarded to Corbin Bosch (2012) and Wandile Makwetu...


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LEFT: PBHS Old Boy Frank van der Velde, a former Mayor of the City of Cape Town seen with retired Pretoria Boys High School Headmaster, Bill Schroder and convenor Ed Meyer.
RIGHT: PBHS Headmaster Tony Reeler, Guest of Honour with La Pentola Master chef and owner Shane Sauvage and Greg Hassenkamp, Principal of Hermanus High School and co-convenor of the dinner.

The owner Chef of La Pentola restaurant Shane Sauvage (1989) laid on an exclusive and superb dinner for the Old Boys of the Overberg Branch on Wednesday 6th June. Himself an Old Boy of the school, Shane welcomed the 35 guests with some of his early background into the food business and his experiences at PBHS and in the army, before describing the mouth-watering items on the menu.

Dinner Convenor, Ed Meyer, welcomed the special guests from Pretoria, current Headmaster Tony Reeler, retired former Headmaster Bill Schroder (1990-2009) and Honorary Life President of the Old Boys Association, Tony Wilkes (Class of 1946).

Greg Hassenkamp, Principal of Hermanus High School and a PBHS Old Boy (1990) proposed the toast to 'Boys High', to which Tony Reeler replied. Mr. Reeler provided some first-hand feedback on the current situation at the School as he updated guests on the progress and achievements of the school. It was reassuring to hear how Boys High has risen to the many challenges and the changing needs of education in these current times.

In closing, Ed Meyer thanked David Leppan (1966) enthusiastic local Old Boy supporter in getting the Overberg Branch started a few years ago. David, currently overseas and other local Old Boys unable to attend had sent apologies and wished us well. Ed thanked Shane and everyone present, especially the wives and partners for attending our most enjoyable first 'mixed' dinner at La Pentola in Hermanus.

- Ed Meyer (1957)


When we were told that we were to receive the school magazine in the last period, a feeling of suppressed expectation ran through the class.

For some, it meant only a respite from the hard labour done in Room 14, for others, a hope that something they had written was included.

When we received the magazine we were allowed to read it during that period - which would have been done in any case - and it was interesting to note the actions of the various recipients. At first there was a murmur of talk, and the rustle of turning pages, then there was silence. Suddenly a roar of laughter came from the back of the room. A boy was convulsed in a fit of laughter, and the sight of this was so amusing that the rest of the class burst into laughter.

The boy in the back corner was on the verge of a hysterical fit, his face was streaming with tears, and he was gesticulating madly to his neighbours, trying to show them the joke. This was unnecessary, as the class was roaring already.

When the last titters had died out there was comparative silence again. Here and there a chuckle could be heard, but nothing more.

Suddenly it started again. A group of boys began shrieking with laughter, and again the whole class collapsed in helpless, hilarious exultation.

When finally this last outburst had died down, peace returned, and the outburst ceased.

The bell rang, it was the end of the period.

The Pretorian 1958 - D. WALDER-LODGE, Form IV C.


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