Dear Old Boy

The 99th Annual Old Boys Dinner will be held on Saturday, 2 June 2018 in the Central Dining Hall, Pretoria Boys High School.

We are delighted to announce that Old Boy Patrick Conroy (1990) will be the Guest Speaker at this year's Annual Dinner.

Patrick Conroy is a media executive with 20 years' experience in broadcasting.

He worked for Talk Radio 702, e.tv launched eNCA and now consults to Cell C.

Based on his book Everest Untold, Patrick Conroy reflects on key lessons in Communication.

Conroy was the only journalist with the First SA Everest Expedition.

He reported live from base camp for Talk Radio 702 as the tragedies unfolded on the mountain that year.

Copies of his book will also be available for sale at the Annual Dinner.


DATE: Saturday, 2 June 2018
VENUE: Central Dining Hall, Pretoria Boys High School
TIME: 18:30 for 19:00
DRESS CODE: Black Tie or Lounge Suit
INCLUDES: Three course dinner & refreshments: welcoming drink, wine, malt and cool drinks
ENTERTAINMENT: Guest Speaker - Patrick Conroy
Pretoria Boys High School Musical Item
Per Person: R420.00
Per table booking (10 people) R3800.00
STAG DINNER: This event is only open to Old Boys of Pretoria Boys High School

The school façade as it stands today. Picture: Oupa Mokoena / African News Agency (ANA)

FOR thousands of men spread across the globe, Pretoria Boys High has been a mainstay in their transition from boy to man.

With a proud history stretching from the Anglo Boer War as the Staats Model School situated in the CBD in 1901 to its present 34 hectares in Brooklyn it's the largest boys school in South Africa and it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that it has not only left an indelible mark on the city but on the world as well.

The British had occupied Pretoria and they decided that an English school was necessary so Charles Hope was brought across as the first headmaster to a building that was divided between the school and a hospital treating injured from the war. At that stage it was a co-ed school and in 1902 a boys only school.

Pretoria Boys High School pupils at Assembly in the new hall. Picture: Oupa Mokoena / African News Agency (ANA)
Pupils watching cricket at the Oval at the school

His daily letters written to his wife are a mine of information as he described how he had to beg, borrow and annex equipment and staff.

However, because it was in the city, the facilities were limited so a piece of land outside of the city was allocated, much to the chagrin of the community because it was deemed to be too far out of town.

Ground was also given to what is now Pretoria Girls High and the Transvaal University College, now the University of Pretoria.

The main buildings as they stand now opened for education in 1909 as Pretoria College. They were designed by Patrick Eagle and not Herbert Baker as is often thought but they do, however, look over the Union Buildings which were designed by Baker. In 1910, when South Africa became a Union it saw, as Second Master and school historian John Illsley says, "nation building the 1910 version".

"After the Anglo Boer War the authorities thought it good to combine the school with Eendracht High School to reconcile the Dutch and English." This dual medium arrangement continued for almost 15 years before it became an English-only school.

By the start of World War II, the third boarding house was built. It was also during this time that women teachers were first introduced because many male staff had joined the war. "It was unheard of during that time, and it was incredibly difficult for them," said Illsley.

In 1948, while a worker was stripping paint with a heat gun, he disturbed a wasps nest and the original dome was gutted in the ensuing fire.

Built above the library, boys and staff created a human chain as they tried to save as many books as possible from water damage. Thereafter, a flat roof was built to seal it off for many years. But an official in government, EE Penzohrn, took it upon himself to research the original plans and a replica was built.

Not satisfied with just a dome and a flag pole, the school's quirky art master Walter Battiss roped in his art students and sculptured a schoolboy out of hardwood and so Danny (Swart the "model") was born with a rugby ball under one arm and a book under the other signifying a balanced education.

Over the years in true schoolboy fashion Danny would often be dressed in the dark of night in a blazer, pyjamas, and any manner of clothing until it was stopped because of the dangers associated with climbing up the dome.

He stood overlooking the city for 40 years until dry rot started taking its toll. In the 1990s old boys funded a replica with another old boy and sculptor Guy du Toit casting it in bronze from the original.

And it's the umbilical cord between old boys and the school that often plays an important roll.

As Illsley says, "they maintain links with the school by attending 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 Year On reunion functions which, among other things, helps to engender pride in the current pupils. They support bursary funds to allow financially disadvantaged boys to attend the school and make up an important part of the male staff at the school.

"They serve on the governing body in specialised roles, often send their sons to the school which helps to maintain tradition and have contributed to major fund-raising initiatives, of which the latest allowed for a R24million hall expansion project to be paid for entirely from donations by the school alumni and friends of the school."

There's an almost endless list of well-known old boys that have gone on to make a name for themselves. These include the Kantor brothers, Bernard and Ian, founders of Investec; Nobel laureate winners Max Tyler (yellow fever vaccine) and Michael Levitt (chemistry); anti-apartheid activist Lord Peter Hain; Advocate Billy Downer, Justice Edwin Cameron, entrepreneur Elon Musk; Springbok captain John Smit and Chiliboy Ralepelle; Proteas captain Aiden Markram; Bafana Bafana's Mark Fish; and of course, Oscar Pistorius.

With 1550 boys that start their day at 7.30 every morning, 101 teachers and 87 support staff, the school's budget this year is in the region of R115m of which the state contributes less than 20%. This necessitates that almost half the teachers are paid by the School Governing Body and so too are more than half of the support staff. It's essentially school fees that make up the balance that's not paid by the state.

Since 1909 there have been seven headmasters, including Tony Reeler who joined the staff from Pinelands High School in Cape Town in 2010.

He describes his time there to date as incredibly rewarding.

"From a professional point of view, it is the biggest boys school in South Africa and, with its rich history, is one of the top schools in the country. On a personal note, it remains a pleasure and a privilege to be part of the school with its extraordinary ethos. To see the growth in young people as they undertake the journey from childhood to adulthood is simply wonderful."

Times have changed considerably from when a few strokes with a cane by one of the male teachers or being "jacked" by the "boss" would often keep the boys in line. How then to keep more than 1500 boys from running amok?

"The boys are largely self-regulating. While we do have discipline structures in the school and a very effective house system which divides the school into 10 smaller units, each with its own staff, we constantly emphasise the need for self-discipline and an expected code of behaviour that is value-driven.

"If a boy steps out of line, he is often reminded that 'we don't do that here'. Our expectations of the boys are very high indeed."

As an old boy, who has a son in the school, wherever I go only good things are ever said about the institution. With such a diverse cross-section in our country and so many different views, this can't always be easy.

But according to Reeler, Boys High "provides a world-class education within a state school context. This allows for boys from all backgrounds to sit together in class, play games together and learn from each other. Our teaching staff are incredibly dedicated and devoted to their boys and their well-being. Our facilities are remarkable and the support from our community is highly valued".

With age-old rivals Afrikaanse Hoër Seunskool (Affies) across the road, Girls High and Afrikaanse Hoër Meisieskool all within easy walking distance from each other, thousands of young people's lives are influenced and shaped every day.

"We have an excellent relationship with the neighbouring schools and support each other at all times. We do a number of activities together and our pupils often socialise together. While we do compete with each other often, particularly Affies, it is within the boundaries of mutual respect and admiration," says Reeler.

And as it is, in South Africa education is often in the news and not always for the right reasons. Much has been said and written about diversity within our educational system and for Reeler deep and meaningful discussions around diversity are critical for our children's sake and that of our country.

"We work very hard with our staff and boys to get them to engage with each other, talk, debate and discuss differences and similarities. Many assembly messages are on the strength that comes from difference and acceptance thereof. We try really hard to 'see' each boy and who he is and we are always open to change that which needs changing."

A poignant reminder of how fragile life can be plays itself out every day at 5.30pm when a trumpeter plays The Last Post from the west tower of the main building.

In the 1990s, the school adopted it as a way of paying tribute each afternoon to all those of the school who have passed away while at school, as well as remembering its war dead. When it's played, all boys and staff come to a halt, even on sports fields and observe a few moments' silence.

Every headmaster since the school's beginnings has left a lasting legacy, so it would only be right to give the incumbent the last word.

"It is important to me that the influence I may have had has caused people to think - academically from a critical thinking perspective, but more importantly, on an inter-personal level as they try to understand each other. We are different and there is no use in pretending we are not, but we can be united in common causes - be they our religion, our values or our aspirations.

"I want the boys to be able to disagree from a position of respect for another person's point of view and I want them to influence others for the good."

The school façade in the 1940's


The Pretoria Boys High School Old Boys' Association Annual General Meeting will take place on 16th of May 2018 at the Pretoria High School Old Boys' Club, Hofmeyr Park, Lynnwood at 18:00.

We would like to encourage all Old Boys and PBHSOB Association Members to attend the evening and use the AGM as a platform to have a say and voice opinions.

If you are unable to attend, please complete a proxy form allowing another PBHSOB Association Member to vote on your behalf - click here to download the proxy form.

Kindly return the completed form to info@pbhsob.com as soon as possible. The cut-off time for returned proxy forms and apologies is 13:00 on 15 May 2018.

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Pretoria Boys High School Old Boys' Association will be held at the Pretoria High School Old Boys Club, Hofmeyr Park, Lynnwood, Pretoria on Wednesday the 16th of May 2018 at 18:00.


1. Notice convening the meeting
2. Apologies
3. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 17 May 2017
4. Matters Arising from the minutes
5. Annual Report
6. Financial Reports and Balance Sheet
7. Resolutions

a. All other acts and things performed by the Directors on behalf of the Association during the past year are hereby confirmed.
b. Such others of which notice may be given
Note: Resolutions must be submitted in writing and must reach the Hon. Secretary seven days before the meeting.

8. Election of the Directors and Office Bearers for the ensuing year
9. Appointment of the Auditors and fixing of their remuneration
10. General

Date: 16 May 2018 | Time: 18:00
Address: 378 Queen Crescent, Lynnwood, Pretoria


Pretoria Boys High School Headmaster, Mr Tony Reeler will be attending a conference in Australia during the June / July school holidays this year and the following Old Boy gatherings have been arranged during his visit:

30 June 2018 - Sydney
4 July 2018 - Melbourne
11 July 2018 - Gold Coast / Brisbane

Old Boys in these areas are encouraged to attend. Please email info@pbhsob.com for more information.

Lorenzo Carvalheiro won the 10km Classic in a cracking time of 34:33! Well done Lorenzo!
Well done to the First Tennis Team on their victory over Maritzburg College during the recent exchange.
Checkmate! Well done to the PBHS Chess team who came out on top against Maritzburg this past weekend.

You won't say it if you look at them now: one of the Major-General's daughters and a baby pirate. 'Boys High teachers Craig Stephens (2010) and James Orr (2009).

My first question to these two gentlemen was: How on earth did you land up in Pirates? Craig Stephens saw his older brother in a Gilbert and Sullivan production at Boys High and so did James Orr. They were inspired by their brothers' performances and joined the cast.

Both gentlemen remember it as a lot of fun but very confusing. (Gilbert and Sullivan is known for their intricate plots. Nobody is ever who they are supposed to be!) Craig thought the music teacher who taught them the music was a 'nutter'. (Sorry Doctor van der Watt!) James just remembered that Mr Loots got so angry with the pirates!

Craig told me that until they got their dresses during the piano dress rehearsal they still did not really believe that they were actually girls. The make-up sealed the deal. The young men took the bras like pros and got so carried away that they had to be told that they're not allowed more than TWO socks per cup!

The Major-General was not very popular with the cast. So they sang the following: He is the very model of a modern Major-Genital. (Instead of general) I am always amazed at how much alike the Boys High boys and professional performers are. I remember in the good old days how professional choruses also changed the lyrics of their lines to amuse themselves!

Mr Orr still sometimes bursts forth in song with music from 'Pirates' can you believe it! Mr Stevens not so much - he has come a long way since he was this shy little soprano. I don't think he can quite reach the top notes anymore.

Both found the applause on the first performance an exhilarating experience. 'We have done something right! We are worthy of applause!' I also find it interesting what boys notice. For instance, the soloists on the first night did not wait for the audience to finish laughing before they continued with their lines. Later in the run they learned to wait for the audience though.

It was lovely sitting with these two young gentlemen reminiscing about the old days. These two boys from Parys and Tzaneen have come a long way.

Join us from the 22nd to 25th May as we remember the good old Gilbert and Sullivan days. And maybe, sing along on your way home!

Images & Text: PBHS


The Gilbert and Sullivan operettas represent a unique combination of memorable tunes, witty lyrics, whimsical plots and colourful costumes. This makes them something to be enjoyed by the whole family.

The very first musical productions at Boys High, way back in the 1930s, were chosen from operettas written by Gilbert and Sullivan and so generations of boys from this school have enjoyed being part of these productions. They have become an important part of the tradition of the school.

Now thanks to a modern co-production with our sister school, you can enjoy all of the elements that have made these musicals timeless in their appeal. You won't be disappointed.

The production will take place from Tuesday 22 May to Friday 25 May at 19:30 pm at the Abernethy Hall, PBHS.

Tickets are R85.00 each and can be purchased online. Click here to purchase a ticket.


This year sees the 25th year of one of the school's most active societies, the Aeronautical Society of Boys High. Many past members have gone on to make a career in aviation or retained an interest in flying beyond their school years.

To celebrate a quarter of a century of this activity at the school, a dinner is being planned for the 20th October 2018.

Further details will be provided in due course, but if you are interested in attending, please reserve the date and also let John Illsley know if you are likely to attend, using the e-mail address john@boyshigh.com

Send us your news, stories and letters: info@pbhsob.com


Any boy who has been at Boys' High long enough to walk past Mr McBride three times will undoubtedly have had the unfortunate detention card dealt to him. Having recently been the recipient of a detention, I decided to delve into the inner workings of the Boys' High detention system.

Getting "lashed" with a detention is relatively easy and can be earned by doing anything as dire as having long hair or looking Mr McBride in the eyes. At Boys' High there exists four types of detentions: The Lates, The Friday, The Saturday and the Special Needs detention reserved for those of us who are in some ways unique. Here are some survival tips for getting through your long and well earned hours of punishment.

The Lates
The dealer: Prefects who seem to think that the green noose around their necks makes them superior to other mortals. As these guys spend most of their time looking for faults, giving out lates helps them to blow off a little steam at the end of a hard day.
The offence: No top button, talking in assembly, no sports tie or blazer, looking at them with one brow up and the other down and not using the term "bru" or "okes" often enough.
Length of sentence: Usually one lates is an hour and a half but once they get warmed up, anything from 4 - 10 lates.
The truth: With some prefects being more reasonable than others, you might get away with whispering to your friends. To help time go by, try decoding the subliminal messages on your desk or take pleasure in the fact that the egotistic grunt that put you here also has to sit through your punishment.

The Friday:
The dealer: the infamous Mr. Mc Bride, House Masters and grumpy staff.
The offence: For this one you have at least to make things interesting for the staff. A good performance includes anything from smoking, bunking, repeated failure to do your homework and not sitting in the sun enough at inter-house events.
Length of service: Three hours on a Friday when you could be at home.
The truth: You probably received this because you suffer from Girlfriend Anxiety and therefore you are unable to concentrate in class or while doing your homework. Not to worry, because this is the perfect opportunity to turn over a new leaf for your academic future. Writing out the school rules (which actually takes longer than three hours) gives you a raging desire to spite the authorities yet again.

The Saturday:
The dealer: House Masters, high profile staff.
The offence: "Forgetting to attend several Fridays in a row"
Length of service: From 8am to 12 noon on a Saturday
The truth: If you're into prison movies you might enjoy doing community service, or you'll probably end up watching way too many hockey games.

Special Needs:
The dealer: The big bosses
The offence: The expression, "As you sow, so shall you reap" is most appropriate here for you probably deserved this one. Obtaining one of these indicates that you have been bunking school, vandalizing school property, being disrespectful and hair being long for too long or just being on the wrong side of a particular staff member.
Length of service: Until you rot.
The Truth: You probably earned this - so the best thing to do is to suck it up and to take your punishment like a man.

Lushan Chokalingam
Boys Highlights Number 11 - November 2008


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Please note Regalia is only available to PBHSOB Association Life Members.

An exciting new range of "Old Boyz" items are now available. This range is available to all Old Boys of Pretoria Boys High School. Life Members of the PBHSOB Association can purchase these items online. Old Boys must please email their queries to info@pbhsob.com


Australia series was an eye-opener

An "eventful" Test series between South Africa and Australia was a "big eye-opener" for him, and he learnt a lot about what it meant to play cricket at the highest level, said South Africa opener Aiden Markram (2012).


Cyclists compete in Lake Umuzi Cosmos 3-in-1 MTB Challenge

In the men's 30-39 category, Jan Withaar (2000) was the winner..


Leading Lions to be bolstered by Boks

.. However, De Bruin was full of praise for his defence coach Joey Mongalo (2003) after the match..


Survivor South Africa returns for a sixth season, with new rules

.. The host for this season is popular presenter Nico Panagio (1991). Panagio has hosted the show since its third season which was filmed in 2009..


Harmer happy to be back at 'home from home' hoping to stay one step ahead of pack

Simon Harmer (2006) wants to help Essex stay one step ahead of the opposition as they start out on the defence of their county championship title.


Shanghai Party Secretary Li Qiang meets Michael Levitt, Nobel Prize laureate in Chemistry in 2013.

Shanghai Party Secretary Li Qiang met Michael Levitt, Nobel Prize laureate in Chemistry in 2013, and his delegation on Tuesday.

Li said talents are the city’s most valuable assets in building itself into an international economic, financial, trade and shipping center and also a technology and innovation center. The city needs more high-end talents to carry out more extensive international cooperation and it will keep improving its business and innovation environment and providing best services and preferential policies for professionals working in the city.

Brain science and artificial intelligence are two of the 13 major scientific fields in the city’s plan for building itself into a technology and innovation center. Li hoped the cooperation between Professor Levitt and Fudan University will produce fruitful results.

Levitt said Shanghai is an energetic and charming city with a lot of advantages in building itself into a technology and innovation center. He was impressed by the city’s vibrate development and firm determination and he’s willing to work with Fudan University to help achieving the city’s goal and bring in an international technological innovation perspective.

Zhuge Yujie, secretary-general of the CPC Shanghai Committee, Jiao Yang, Party secretary of Fudan University and Xu Ningsheng, president of Fudan University, also attended the meeting.

Source: SHINE | Editor: Xu Fang

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The Lowveld Branch of the PBHSOB Association invites all Old Boys in the area to attend an informal dinner on Friday 11 May 2018.

The Headmaster Mr. Tony Reeler will travel from Pretoria to attend the dinner. We look forward to sharing the evening with you.

Venue: Picasso's Mexican Taqueria, Baghdad Centre, White River
Date: 11 May 2018
Time: 18:00 for 18:30
Dinner & Drinks: For your own account
Dress Code: Smart-Casual
RSVP: Kuen Pappas, 083 256 6591 | kuen@halls.co.za


This is an early advisory that the Cape Town Branch of the Pretoria Boys High Old Boys' Association will hold its Annual Function on Tuesday 5 June 2018 at Rondebosch Golf Club.

The Headmaster Mr. Tony Reeler will travel from Pretoria for the dinner. Jacket and tie would be appropriate.

A dinner has been organised at a cost of R225.00, payable before by EFT. Drinks at the bar will be for your own account. Hopefully you will not have to bring your own ice!

Cost: R225.00 per person
Drinks: For your own account
Dress Code: Jacket & Tie
Time: 19:00

Account Details:
Name: Pretoria Boys High School Old Boys Association CT
Bank: First National Bank
Branch: Constantia. Code: 250148
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 62216338641
Reference: Surname & Last Year at School

When paying, please put your surname and year in which you left school as the reference

Please send RSVP and copy of bank EFT by e-mail to mark@gleeson.com

Your assistance in contacting some of your old schoolmates and encouraging them to attend will ensure an enjoyable evening among old school friends.


An Old Boys' Dinner will be held for the Overberg Old Boys and their partners in Hermanus on Wednesday 6th June 2018.

The Headmaster Mr. Tony Reeler will travel from Pretoria to attend the dinner. We look forward to sharing the evening with you.

Venue: La Pentola Restaurant
Date: 6th June 2018
Time: 18:30 for 19:00
Cost: R 250.00 per person (includes wine at tables). Cash bar available.
Dress Code: Jacket and Old Boy's Tie for the men. Ladies to dress accordingly.
More information: Ed Meyer 082 880 7604


Thank you so much for passing on the broadcast link for the festival. I have just watched PBHS play Queens.... from as far away as a small city in central Taiwan...middle of nowhere. What a joy to see them stripes in action again.

Keep up the good work.

Glenn de Villiers (1979)

Dear Mrs Dodds,

I just wanted to let Mr Reeler know that my son, Matthias, who was in Form V at Boys High in 2013, has been accepted on a full scholarship to study Japanese (for 6 months) and his Masters in Artificial Intelligence (for 2 years) at Kyushu University in Japan.

You will recognise him wearing his Old Boys tie.

Kind regards,
Saranie Harvey

(PS: His brother, Edward, is now in Form II and his other brother, Simon was in Form V 2 years ago)

Via Facebook:
Another very proud Old Boy Shane Horsley wearing his old boys tie while graduating with his actuarial science degree at UCT with his proud mum Sharon.


"Clothing exchange", the yellow signboard announces loudly. I stoop as I enter through the low door. The efficient mother-in-charge looks at me quizically over the top of her spectacles and carries on examining a blazer for any scuff marks, dirt or tears in the pockets.

The smell is neither unpleasant nor unfamiliar, a combination of washing powder and mothballs, which one associates with winter wardrobes.

A prefect is standing at the door. He glances suspiciously at a Form One trying on a jersey. The jersey is far too big and he nervously replaces it on its hanger and diligently hangs it up where it belongs. A Form Five appears from behind the comer and throws a pair of shorts back onto the pile. Placing his hands in his pockets, he strolls outside the shop, casting a taunting glance at the prefect at the door.

There is a long row of blazers displayed on the runner. I reverently stroke the sleeve of a school blazer. One of the buttons is missing and there is a green leather patch on each sleeve. The name on the tag is Mrs Cooke. This is Mark Cooke's blazer. I wonder how many canings this blazer has felt, how many cigarettes it has smelt, how much hostel food it has tasted and how many memories it holds.

Beneath the blazers is a disorganised pile of multi-coloured running spikes, the remains of shattered dreams and the witnesses of records. On one of the shelves is a racquetball mask, only the owner knows where he got it from, or to whom he hopes to sell it. A tiny cricket cap hangs longingly on a hook and pleads with someone to buy it.

As I leave, I cannot help but wonder if anyone will ever experience so much joy, so much shattered pride and so much achievement as the years of schoolboy clothing in this tidy hidden room.

Roger Rudolph Form IV G - The Pretorian 1988


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  • 11 - 12 May 2018: Rugby & Hockey vs Hilton College (H)
  • 12 - 17 May 2018: Public Speaking Festival
  • 17 - 20 May 2018: Tennis: Kearsney Festival
  • 19 May 2018: Rugby & Hockeyvs St. Johns (A)
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Robert Julius Joseph Matthee (7 August 1934 - 6 April 2018) attended the school in the late 40's early 50's and if I recall was in Sunnyside house. He leaves his daughter Jennie Giangregorio, son Michael Matthee and their respective families.


Boet Mentz (11 October 1925 - 1 April 2018) was in Sunnyside House. He left PBHS in 1941 after completing what was then known as 'JC'.

He was then apprenticed as a Compositor in the Government Printers where he learnt the skilled trade of 'hot metal type-setting' on Linotype machines. He enlisted in the army (unit unknown) in 1943 and served in the Italian campaign during World War 2.

He married his beloved Norma in 1948 and they had two daughters, Susan and Kathy.

He worked for the Old Mutual in Pretoria, Benoni and Cape Town. He was then transferred to Johannesburg where he worked for the SA Perm. When Boet retired in 1989, the SA Perm had been absorbed by Nedbank, and he held the position of Regional Manager, Marketing, Northern Transvaal.

Submitted by Pierre Béguin (1949) with additional material provided by Derek Brown and Mrs Val Oosthuizen (formerly of Nedbank)

  • 11 MAY 2018
  • 16 MAY 2018
  • 18 MAY 2018
  • 2 JUNE 2018
  • 5 JUNE 2018
  • 6 JUNE 2018

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